TotalGlass system

Antique windows

Our offer also includes antique windows. The goal of these types of products is to keep the building unchanged. Antique windows are used in historic, but also modern, architecture style.
We work with monument conservators and meet their requirements, faithfully reproducing
constructions and elements.

Anglo-saxon windows

We have specialized in Anglo-Saxon design for over several years, designing and producing windows for the British or Irish market. We recreate unique patterns, paying attention to the details and details that create this style.

Energy + and AluEnergy + windows

Energy-saving and passive solutions are becoming standard on the market. For us, this isn’t new – we have been creating wooden windows for many years, taking care of nature and keeping in mind the saving of our clients.

Thanks to the use of high thermal insulation obtained through triple glazing, wide frames and window sash, and thermally optimized installation, passive windows are able to retain heat in an unprecedented way. In addition, the absorption of solar radiation along with the heat emitted by the inhabitants of a passive house, in combination with a passive window, is an additional energy profit. Passive windows meet the highest energy-saving standards giving measurable benefits, significantly reducing costs.

In our offer, you will find windows with the profile of Energy + and AluEnergy +.
Windows can have the following functions:
– Tilt
– Tilt-turn
– Turn
– Rotary
– Lift-slide